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Comprehensive Ophthalmic Care

Expanded Hours to Accommodate New Patients

Hassle Free Cataract Surgery

Eliminate the expense, inconvenience, irritation, and stress associated with postoperative eye drops. Phoenixville Eye Associates is the first practice in the region to fully embrace this simple and elegant technique. Arising from the groundbreaking work of Drs Gills and Liegner and validated by the European Endophthalmitis Clinical Trials, this upgrade is being provided without cost to all of our surgical patients.

We estimated savings of between $50 and $300 per eye. Removing the burden of timely and sterile drop administration, avoiding the mess of eye drop application, and preventing the anxiety of insufficient supply make Hassle Free eye surgery the next BIG THING.

Mission Statement

Phoenixville Eye Associates is committed to combining old-fashioned patient-physician rapport with the most advanced and sophisticated technology available. We have had electronic medical records for nearly 10 years and communicate immediately with primary care and referring physicians. We use all of the latest therapies for vision correction and ocular health maintenance. This includes the most current contact lens technologies, dry eye therapy, glaucoma management, diabetic surveillance, macular degeneration monitoring, cataract surgery, premium intraocular lenses, refractive surgery (LASIK), keratoconus treatment, cornea surgery, laser treatment for glaucoma and cataract surgery for patients with glaucoma. We are the first practice in Pennsylvania to offer Zero-Cost Premium Intraocular lenses. We have worked closely with the Microbiology Laboratory of Phoenixville Hospital for over 25 years and have tens of thousands of patients in the community. Most Doctors on staff at Phoenixville Hospital and their families see us for their eye care. We do not rotate coverage with any other doctors and we are available 24/7/365. When patients need care outside our areas of expertise we have already carefully vetted the retinal and oculoplastic specialists in the area and we know where to send you. Our surgery is performed at Kremer Eye Center and Wills Eye Surgical Network by one of the most talented, experienced and respected surgeons in the region. We welcome new patients and feel your eyes deserve the best we can provide.


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